The feverous rush to grade Thursday’s first round of the NFL draft is underway with plenty of analysis of what each of the picks could mean for NFL teams’ futures. While much of that is impossible to accurately assess until the players spend a few seasons with their new pro teams, we can much moreRead more »

Here on the college football side of the NFL draft, we sometimes see things a little differently than NFL scouts. Yes, some skills translate better to the pros than others, and you can’t just assess players’ NFL potential based on how successful they were in college. Still, there’s something to be gained from having watchedRead more »

 cheap college gear When will Holgorsen grow a mullet that rivals Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s? Gundy’s mullet is certainly unparalleled in the world of college football, but Holgorsen’s hairstyle is pretty distinct itself. Does the Mountaineers head man feel like he needs to step his hair game up, cheap jersey or is he content as is?Read more »